The Market in Chichen Itza

The Market in Chichén Itzá

The Market in Chichen Itza is difficult to specify if it was precisely built to be a real Market. However, its appearance suggests it.

The columns supported a roof of perishable material. As in the Thousand Columns, it is considered that the friezes restored in the Market allow having a perception less threatening than the jaguars and serpents of the Temple of the Warriors. This is the reason why it has been thought that in this area the use of buildings was converted from ceremonial to utilitarian.

Physical description of the Market in Chichen Itza

This structure consists of a platform 80 m long and 15 m wide, with a central stairway bordered by tiles, which allows access to an open porch at the front, but closed behind and to the sides, with a row of alternating columns and pilasters that supported the vaulted ceiling. A central door leads to a square patio, 17 m per side, surrounded by 24 columns built with stone drums and capitals, the highest in the area.

The facade of the portico had a slope and vertical wall cut by a horizontal strip at the height of the beams; and next came a frieze between two molded cornices, whose central strip was decorated with groups of columns.

The facade ended in battlements of cut snails. Near the central door of the portico there is a terraced platform, with a molding decorated with feathered serpents and a slope with a procession of warriors; also attached to the walls is a bench with an inclined backrest.

Location of the Market in Chichen Itza

The Market in Chichen Itza is located in front of the North Pillars and to the left of the Temple of Sculpted Columns.

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