The Tomb Platform in Chichen Itza

Tomb Platform in Chichen Itza
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The Tomb Platform in Chichen Itza, also known as 3C4, has three chambers that contained human remains, which is the reason why it was later called Tomb Platform. In the first of the chambers, there were two skeletons in very poor condition belonging to male individuals, and some fragmented vessels. In the second chamber, another two damaged male skeletons where found, in addition to two broken vessels, two jade objects, a copper rattle, a rock crystal, and many shell ornaments which make archeologists thing that they had been part of a mask.

Physical description of the Tomb Platform

The structure is 7.8 m from north to south by 5.6 m from east to west, and 1.60 m high, topped by a cornice-frieze arrangement of intertwined snakes in relief. Another feature that gives particularity to the Tomb Platform is the existence of six columns that measure 1.90 meters from the upper level of the structure.

Location of the Tomb Platform in Chichen Itza

Tomb and Venus Platform in Chichen Itza
Tomb and Venus Platform in Chichen Itza

The Tomb Platform in Chichen Itza is in the Central Group, and it’s the last 4 structures aligned in the following order: The Tomb Platform, the Venus Platform, a round Platform, and the Ossuary.

Chichen Itza map

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