Temple of the Wind God in Tulum (Structure 45)

Temple of the Wind God in Tulum

The Temple of the Wind God in Tulum is one of the most photographed buildings in Tulum because of its location right next to the blue turquoise sea.

This temple is part of the Kukulkán Group, located just north of El Castillo. This group is formed by a series of minor structures among which the Temple of the Wind in Tulum stands out. Its name comes from the roundness of its base without corners, which has traditionally been associated with the god of the wind Ehécatl, the equivalent wind deity of central Mexico, and here associated with the Mayan deity Kukulkán.

The God of Wind was related to the four cardinal points, because the wind blows in all directions. Hence, its temples had a cylindrical shape, in order to offer less resistance to the wind.

The Temple of the Wind God in Tulum is a sanctuary with a small altar inside that’s located in the northeast corner of Tulum facing the sea. This temple was still used for religious purposes as recently as 1924.

It’s said that when hurricanes approached Tulum, a whistle sound was created from a specially designed hole at the top of this building, so when the Mayans would hear it, they knew they had to leave the city to seek protection in land.

Location of the Temple of the Wind God in Tulum

The Temple of the Wind God in Tulum stands alone on the northwest side right on the edge of the cliff.



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