Cemetery Group in Uxmal

Cemetery Group in Uxmal

The Cemetery Group was built between the years 800 and 1000 and is also a quadrangle like the Nunnery Quadrangle and the Quadrangle of the Birds, but most of the buildings that made up this group are very destroyed.

The name of the place is due to four small quadrangular platforms about 80 centimeters high, which show sharp bas-reliefs of skulls and crossed bones. However, it’s not really a cemetery.

Skull and Bones of the Cemetery Group in Uxmal

On the south side, the rubble of a large truncated pyramid with a temple on the top stands out, which was ascended by a staircase located in the front.

Another remarkable structure, a vaulted construction, is located to the west: it’s a major pyramid that supported three temples, of which only the central building remains standing. The lateral constructions, of smaller proportions, have almost disappeared.

The main temple of this platform has three entrances on its eastern front and two lateral ones, one on the north side and another on the south. The sides were filled when they were discovered, so it’s thought that the building was going to be used as a substructure of another major one, which was not built.

Location of the Cemetery Group in Uxmal

The Cemetery group in Uxmal is 200 m east of the Nunnery Quadrangle.

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