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The Xtoloc Cenote in Chichen Itza

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The Xtoloc Cenote in Chichen Itza gets its name from the Mayan word for “iguana” and it was given this name because they inhabit the region. We can still admire them in many buildings throughout other Mayan Archeological Sites like Tulum and Uxmal.

On the way to the Ossuary group, you’ll find this beautiful Cenote that although of smaller diameter than the Sacred Cenote was very important for the population of Chichen Itza as a source of water.

Around the Xtoloc Cenote there are small temples like the one that bears its name (Xtoloc Temple); there are also columns with reliefs found lying around.

Location of The Xtoloc Cenote in Chichen Itza

The Xtoloc Cenote is in front of a Temple with the same name on the Sacbe 15, that goes from the Group of the Thousand Columns plaza to the Ossuary group of buildings.

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