The Great Pyramid in Uxmal

The Great Pyramid in Uxmal
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The Great Pyramid in Uxmal is one of the few large Mayan buildings that you can still climb. It has nine stepped bodies and a stairway facing north that must have been a pyramid of similar magnitude to that of the Pyramid of the Magician.

Chac mask of the Great Pyramid in Uxmal
Chac mask of the Great Pyramid in Uxmal

There are four last steps to reach the top of the Temple of Great Pyramid in Uxmal named Temple of the Guacamayas, where there’s an entryway with a large mask of Chac. This Temple was built on the VIII century and it was decorated by a cornice, frets and a decoration of birds, specifically macaws, which gives the temple its name.

The Temple’s corners have three masks of Chac, one over another, the figureheads have a rounder sculpting than others from Uxmal.

Physical description of the Great Pyramid in Uxmal

This monument measures around 80 m on its north side and approximately 30 m in height. Its general form is that of a truncated quadrangular pyramid formed by nine stepped bodies.

Location of the Great Pyramid in Uxmal

On the southwest side of the lower platform of the Governor’s Palace stands the remains of the Great Pyramid in Uxmal, and next to it you can see the Dovecote.

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