House of the Iguana in Uxmal

House of the Iguana in Uxmal

The House of the Iguana in Uxmal, also known as the Iguana Building, was probably built in the year 900. It shows a decoration very different from that seen in buildings already known in Uxmal, such as the Palace of the Governor or the Quadrangle of the Birds.

The frieze of the construction was decorated much simpler, smoother and with very few ornaments on top of a set of three columns that alternate with designs of frets and smooth ashlars. Here you can find the early Puuc style, combined with elements of ancient design.

Its use is unknown, but it’s speculated that it was intended for the civil administration or for the residence of the ballplayers before starting the game because it’s near the ball court of Uxmal.

The Iguana Building is one of the few that have an elongated vault with no intervening walls to support it, it shows a large vaulted porch 29 meters long and only three wide, which covers the entire façade of the building and consists of 12 spans and 11 columns. This type of entry is uncommon in the Puuc region and is considered to be an example of the influence of Chichén Itzá on Uxmal architecture.

Location of the House of the Iguana in Uxmal

The house of the Iguana in Uxmal is located near the Pyramid of the Magician, but even closer to the Ball Court.

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