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Número de días con dioses Mayas

Mayan Numbers

The Mayan Numbers uses a 20 base system, called the vigesimal number system. Just as our own ten based numeric system was probably used because

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Mayan Gods

Mayan Gods

Main Mayan Gods The Mayan gods, like most ancient cultures have been described through religion to explain natural phenomena, the origin of humanity, the structure

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Representación del calendario Maya por medio de engranes

The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar is divided into a broad calendar system composed of a set of different cycles that are intertwined with each other. Each has

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Puuc Route Map

Puuc Route

The Puuc Route is a set of Mayan cities that are located near each other and share an architectural style, known as Puuc Style. Although

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Temples in front of the Pyramid of the Masks in Xcambo

Xcambó Timeline

The Xcambó Timeline can give us an idea of the time it was inhabited and the influence it received by other Mayan cities. Late Pre-classic

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Mayan Peninsula
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