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Uxmal location and how to get there

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Uxmal is located in México, west of the state of Yucatán, 85 km south of the city of Mérida.

How to get to Uxmal from Merida

From Mérida it’s 85 km and you get there in approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.

How to get to Uxmal from Valladolid

From Valladolid it’s 240 km and you get there in approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

How to get to Uxmal from Cancun

From Cancún it’s 380 km and you get there in approximately 4 hours.

How to get there

You can arrive in a comfortable and safe way, using any means of transportation like: Tour buses, car rental or public transportation. Uxmal is a perfect get away trip when visiting Mérida because it’s only a one hour drive away, but if you’re staying in Cancún or the Riviera Maya, then you should know it’s more than 4 hours away, so if you’re staying in Quintana Roo and really want to visit Uxmal, I recommend you take a tour because driving may be very tiring.

Uxmal Tours

Uxmal tours
Uxmal tours

You can get a complete experience to Uxmal with the hiring of a Tour Agency that can offer you different packages with everything to turn your trip to Uxmal into a unique experience.

The Classic Uxmal Tour will provide full transportation either by bus or van from the hotel where you’re staying, or from any other pick up point. The tour includes the price of the tickets with a guide included, which will give you a tour through the site with breaks for free time. The guides are certified and speak English, some of them even speak multiple languages.

Most tours will also visit cenotes and a delicious buffet style meal in a restaurant of excellent regional quality.

Here are some recommendations of some Uxmal Tours in the Mayan Peninsula.

Car Rental

With this option you can take the wheel and make the journey with the stops you want and the way you want. Remember this option is recommended if you’re staying in Mérida.

If you decide to rent a vehicle to make the trip to Uxmal, you can get an excellent price for the rental of your vehicle from an authorized website like rentalcars.com, getting a discount if you set it aside in advance.

Once you get your vehicle, the trip to Uxmal will not be complicated, you just have to take the 180 federal highway known also known as the Mérida-Puerto Juarez highway, then switch to the 261. As for the conditions of the road, you should not worry because it is in perfect condition and no toll booths. Along the route you can make stops in many tourist places, such as famous cenotes or tourist spots that offer beautiful crafts, perfect as souvenirs of your visit.

If you’re driving yourself, you can easily use apps like: Google Maps or Waze to get there. For more information on driving to Uxmal from different places, go to How to drive to Uxmal.

Rent a car from the biggest car hire.

Public Transportation

If you want to get to Uxmal using public transportation, you can take buses, which are an economical and convenient option to get to your destination regardless of the number of people in your group. Buses are taken from the bus terminals in any city like Cancún or Mérida and should be taken in the morning as early as possible. By choosing this option, you can enjoy your trip in nice and spacious seats with air conditioning.

In downtown Mérida, go to the bus terminal, the ticket will cost you approximately $60 MXN to the Uxmal Archaeological Site, and takes approximately 2 hours to get there.

Remember to tell the driver that you are going to Uxmal, so he doesn’t forget to stop at the archaeological site because the bus continues on its way to other towns, the truck will leave you on the road 1km from the ticket office.

When you return to Mérida, you must cross the road to the opposite side where the bus left you, you will see a hotel in front of the entrance to the Archaeological Site, wait for the bus and don’t forget to signal the bus to stop.

Buy a round ticket because sometimes the driver only boards passengers who bought a round ticket.



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